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About Shawndra

Shawndra Holmberg is a Content Developer and Marketing Analyst with experience organizing and evaluating campaigns.  A strategist specializing in connecting businesses and individuals with partners, customers, and future clients.  She expanded her real-world experience in digital marketing and data anaylsis with completion of Udacity's Digital Marketing Nanodegree program in 2018 and both Marketing Analytics and Business Analytics Nanodegrees in 2020.

Mareting Analytics certificate to Shawndra Holmberg
Digital Marketin certificate to Shawndra Holmberg

Continuing to gain experience and knowledge, Shawndra received her Growth-Driven Design certification from HubSpot in February 2022.

Growth-Driven Design Hubspot certification - Shawndra Holmberg - February 10 2022.png

Shawndra considers herself a lousy tourist as she usually spends her vacations enjoying a good book (reading one or writing one) and drinking coffee on her lanai, deck, porch or sunroom.  That’s why she prefers to live and work in interesting locales.  She went to graduate school in Montana, worked on Johnston Island (~850 southwest of Hawai’i) for several years, spent a year at the South Pole, Antarctica, and then thawed out in Hawai'i. She is currently enjoying the people and scenery of Western Pennsylvania.

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